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Practice makes perfect 

Are you looking for ways to help your child improve at school?

Are phones becoming a distraction at bed time?


Is your child preparing for an up and coming test?

Does your child find it difficult to revise?




At lock&Learn we aim to TEACH children not TELL. All our quizzes are written by teachers to correspond with the national curriculum. You can assign specific subjects to your child's profile or create a personalised quiz to copy the exact topics they are learning. 


There are many different ways to utilise the Lock&Learn app -

(you can combine any of these options to work best)

1) Just download the App, create profiles and assign subjects for children to complete in their own time. Your child can download and sign in on their own device 

2) Follow steps on the SET UP page to use our lock schedule to set times where distracting apps aren't visible (bed time, homework etc.)

3) Set times where your child can retrieve their apps back onto their device, but only after they complete a quiz based on the national curriculum, or a fun general knowledge quiz. (Assigning this once a day will ensure at least 70 questions are answered a week improving retention) 


Putting education before phone use


Parent's device

download on the app store

Child's device

Lock and Learn™ is currently only available for IOS. If you are interested but have an android phone please
send us your email address and we'll keep it on file and contact you when we develop the android version.